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the curved body of a pixel

Opening Reception:
Saturday, October 26, 2019, 3-6pm
Exhibition Dates:
October 26- November 24, 2019

Artist Walk through with Kimberley Acebo Arteche:
Saturday, November 16, 2019, 3:00-4:30pm

Intimate Conversation Between Kimberley Acebo Arteche and Dorothy Santos :
Sunday, November 17, 2019, 3pm.

Kim Arteche, Bodyless, 2018. Digital Print, approx 44 x 66 inches.

Emerging visual artist Kimberley Acebo Arteche had her first solo exhibition, titled “the curved body of a pixel,” at Incline Gallery located at 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110. The show opened on Saturday, October 26, 2019, with an artists reception from 3-6pm.

The exhibition focused on globalism and the way that technology has enabled our social bodies to function through the fusion of imaginary and cultural wired channels. As a second generation Pinay growing up in D.C., Arteche realized that her relationship with her heritage has always been mediated by the Internet. Through the lens of diaspora, Arteche’s work revolves around epistemology, acting as an interlocutor between traditional research, oral history, and Internet searches. She works in photography, installation, and social practice. 

“the curved body of a pixel” represents a breakout moment in Arteche’s young career and offers an initial retrospective of her body of work up to the present. Incorporating prints, textiles, lightboxes, and sculptural/architectural installation, she explores themes of family, home, migration, and globalization. Her work often invokes feelings of alienation and disembodiment, causing the viewer to question what is seen and unseen; present and absent.

With its winding ramps, high ceiling, and dim lighting, Incline Gallery was the perfect site to host Arteche’s first solo show, lending curves, pockets, heights to an  almost spectral quality. Incline Gallery is an alternative art space that prides itself in creating opportunities for emerging as well as established artists to exhibit in a non-cube format that challenges and encourages experimentation in exhibition design.


Kim Arteche, Bodyless, 2018. Digital Print, approx 44 x 66 inches.

The “Bodyless” photographs and body of work takes a look unseen, physical and emotional labor of Filipina immigrants being present as labor but not being seen and validated as humans outside of their autonomous spaces.

About the Artist:

Kimberley Acebo Arteche is a San Francisco-based educator, cultural worker, and interdisciplinary artist. Her work explores the hybrid cultures formed by technology, movements of immigrants in America, and the way movements through space and spaces has been affected by these two. Arteche is committed to collaboratively creating decolonial practices within arts institutions, while creating visibility and providing resources for emerging Asian Pacific American and BIPOC Artists.

She received an MFA from the San Francisco State University in 2016 as the School of Art’s Distinguished Graduate. She was awarded the Murphy and Cadogan Contemporary Art Award in 2014, showcased in Root Division’s 2015 MFA Now, and featured at Kearny Street Workshop’s 2015 annual exhibition, APAture. She currently teaches Photography at the School of Art Department of the San Francisco State University.

Kimberley Acebo Arteche

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