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Sun Night Editions
Print  Exhibition

Sun Night Editions Press photo.jpeg

Opening Reception:
Saturday, March 19, 2022 from 1-6pm

Exhibition Dates:
March 19- April 23, 2022

Incline Gallery is thrilled to present a group print exhibition by Sun Night Editions featuring 25+ works by Bay Area artists and beyond. Please join us on Saturday, March 19th, 2022 from 1-6pm for the opening reception at Incline Gallery. There will be a selection of prints on view for sale as editions. We value the work and vision Sun Night Editions represents and hope you will join us in supporting this amazing artist organization! 


Artworks by: 

Adrian Octavius Walker

Adrianna Adams

Betsy Kellas

Chinwe Okana

Christoper Gale

Christopher Burch

Christopher Martin

Cinque Mubarak

Daniel Valencia

Dennis Brown

Drew Grasso

Fresh Daily


Jason Jägel


Kelly Ording

Lena Gustafson

Lenworth Mcintosh

Liz Hernandez

Loren Fizer

Mai Ta

Meg Fransee

Milo Moyer- Battick

Muzae Sesay

Olivia Krause

Penelope Anstruther

Rachel Hayden

Robert Falco

Ryan Whelan

Sephora Woldu

Soleil Summer

Tim Lahan


Woodrow White

Yetunde Olagbaju

Yoni Asega

Zane Prater

Sun Night Editions about photo.jpeg
About Sun Night Editions

Sun Night Editions is a print publishing house run by Yoni Asega and Drew Grasso in West Oakland. We provide artists the ability to create works within traditional printmaking techniques: Screen Printing, Relief, Monotype, & Bookbinding. Sun Night Editions concerns itself with sustaining and strengthening the diversity essential to an artistic career that is mutually beneficial to the artist and to their community.

Their Mission

To bridge artists with collectors, institutions, and non-profits through the collaboration of the works we publish. Fostering these relationships expand our artists' creative practice while providing avenues to reach new audiences and collectors.

Their Vision

Empowering artists and collectors by cultivating culturally diverse aesthetic and conceptual exploration through traditional print techniques.
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