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Going Away

Opening Reception:
Friday, September 6th, 2019, 6-9pm
Exhibition Dates: 
September 6th-October 4th, 2019

Suzanne Husky, “Mars, Bitches!”, hand-knotted wool rug, 47” x 59”, 2018.

SATELLITE OF. LOVE presents, Going Away, artworks by Randy Colosky, Suzanne Husky and Mary Anne Kluth at Incline Gallery, 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco from September 6th through October 4th, 2019. Opening reception Friday, September 6th, 6pm-9pm. 

Artists Randy Colosky, Suzanne Husky and Mary Anne Kluth challenge our habit of not noticing; a habit that often originates from the fear that to notice will fill one with grief over what one has already missed. “Wake up!” these artists whisper. Missing something because one is distracted is entirely different than missing something because it is irrevocably lost. Yet, one leads to the other; and so very much is now at risk of going permanently away. 

Randy Colosky’s Cryo Kinetic sculptures exist in a constant state of flux as they repeatedly ice over and melt due to shifts in temperature, humidity and light. Based on the simple mechanics of refrigeration, they reveal the clunky fragility of the systems that allow humans to dominate the planet; while also standing in for our ephemeral selves. 

Functioning as both a present day reporter and an archeologist from the future, Suzanne Husky examines the crass stupidity of our current relationship to the planet. With a light touch and a heavy heart, she suggests that we neither laugh nor cry but, instead, confront the internal and external forces propelling us towards doom. 

Mary Anne Kluth’s work springs from her lifelong fascination with representations of the natural world that provide the locations and backgrounds for theme park experiences. Curious about how these simulacra affect our understanding of what’s real, and how what’s real may pale in comparison to what’s fake, she offers a technicolor meditation on the thinning membrane of collective reality. 

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?” 

― Rachel Carson


Randy Colosky

Working from the Bay Area and his studio in Los Angeles, Randy Colosky splits his practice between public art and studio work. His public installations can be seen at the Embarcadero Square Complex in San Francisco, Downtown Oakland, Sonoma State College, and Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa amongst other locations. His more experimental Cryo Kinetic works have been shown at Brilliant Champions Gallery (Brooklyn NY), Hibbleton Gallery (Fullerton, CA) and Ship in the Woods (Escondido, CA)  and will be featured in an upcoming shows at Root Division in San Francisco. He has been an artist in residence at Facebook, Inc. and KALA Art Institute, and has received grants from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Zellerbach Family Foundation and the Fleishhacker Foundation. He is also a partner in the Cathedral Gallery at the historic Bendix Building in Los Angeles CA. He received a BFA in Ceramics from the Kansas City Art Institute. & 

Suzanne Husky

Suzanne Husky has obtained an MFA from the Ecole des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux, received a Landscape Horticulture Design Certificate (Merritt College, Oakland), and has taught landscape history and ethnobotany in the School of Art and Design Orleans, and Plant Matters at the San Francisco Art Institute. For the past 20 years, Husky has developed a mixed media creative practice focused on human and plant relations. She is a founder of the artistic duo Le Nouveau Ministère de l’Agriculture (The New Department of Agriculture) that creates subversive art work on agribusiness and agtech. Husky has shown as part of the regional triennial Bay Area Now 5 at YBCA, had exhibitions at the De Young Kimball Gallery, Southern Exposure, Wendy Norris Gallery, SF Recology, Minnesota Street Project, The Headlands Center for the Arts, Bradford Gallery, and the San Francisco Art Commission, and was selected to install a permanent artwork at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), has artwork in the French National Collection, and will be included in the Istanbul Biennale 2019. 

Mary Anne Kluth

Mary Anne Kluth lives and works in the East Bay and has exhibited widely in the Bay Area, including at the Oakland Museum of California, the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, ampersand international arts, Root Division, the Palo Alto Art Center, and Bedford Gallery, as well as in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, the midwest, and Hong Kong. She has an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from the California College of Arts.


Theodora Mauro co-directs the alternative gallery space SATELLITE OF. LOVE, is director of ampersand international arts gallery, and is a San Francisco native supporting artists, local and international, emerging and mid-career, with platforms for communication and exhibitions that are open, unique and inspirational. 

Tracy Wheeler co-directs the alternative gallery space SATELLITE OF. LOVE, is a regular curator at ampersand international arts, and leads content and curation for End Well, a dynamic day-long symposium and platform committed to generating human-centered, interdisciplinary innovation for the end of life experience.


SATELLITE OF. LOVE is a project dedicated to supporting outstanding mid-career artists through sales and exhibitions. Our atelier is located in the heart of the Mission District, where we offer work by over a dozen artists and maintain relationships with many more.

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